Recruitment App for Oversea Jobs

Making an overseas job search experience friendlier.

——   Job-Search APP Redesign

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Human Resource Corporation 2th Hackathon Competition

104 Corporation was founded in 1996, and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2006 as the first and only Job Bank in Taiwan. 104 is No. 1 online recruitment service provider with over 98% brand awareness. We provide a one-stop shopping solution to the hiring companies to improve their recruitment results and experiences.

My Role

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Competitor & Pain-point Analysis

UX Design



Problem Statement & Context

Facing the Global Competitiveness Challenge, having the ability to work abroad is essential. In recent years, more and more 20 somethings have been finding jobs abroad. However, it is important to know the salary you can expect to receive in a foreign country. In addition, when looking for a job in another country, do users really think a job search app can give them a comprehensive overview of life there?

With this in mind, we created a job search application that combined wage level surveys and consumer prices in foreign countries.


Sources: CommonWealth Magazine Group & 104 Human Resource Corporation

In Taiwan
• Around 724,000 people work abroad, an increase of 62,000 people from six years ago.
• The proportion of people under 30 increased by 3%, and the proportion of middle-aged adults decreased.


Research: Understanding User Needs

Through the user research to understand pain points, some questions we asked down below :
1.  What's the user's most care information before you take a job overseas?
2.  What content will trigger their interest? It could be a salary level, local consumer price, the various aspects of life there, etc.
3.  What are the factors that restricted you from using the app?
4.  What impression do we create for users when they into the app? How intuitive is the navigation?


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Design Solution

Our solution is to integrate the public data provided online and compare the expected salary with the consumer price index of various countries so that job seekers can easily understand the price ratio and confirm whether the salary is reasonable.

Matching Data Sources:
Morgan McKinley, Expatistan, Numbeo, 104 Human Resource Corporation


Wireframing & UI Flow


Final Design: Key Features

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A4 - 35.png