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In the competitive global EC market, it's NOT enough for business owners to offer discounts to increase sales. It is also necessary to build a "Customer Loyalty Program", such as a reward points mechanism. The customer could receive reward points after placing an order and use points to offset the price of their next order or redeem the gifts. This mechanism brings stores and customers closer.


We conducted user research and found that the Points Mechanism needs to be more flexible to meet the requirement of stores and customers. In Taiwan, many physical stores already offer points and cash redemptions for items. We hope these activities could also be held online.


Therefore, our goals were "How might we help stores build the points redemption products and stay close with members?” and "How might we help consumers use points to redeem items easily?"

My Role

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Competitor Analysis / Prototype /  MVP Design / Usability Test /  Iteration


Mar 2020 - Feature Release

Feb 2020 - Usability Testing

Jan 2020 - MVP Design Completed

Dec 2019 - Project Kick-off



Design Process & Run an Agile Method

We followed the User-Centered Design process to investigate how to create the experience of the Points Mechanism according to the needs of the stores. Letting user research be our guide.


Research: Understanding User Needs

Competitive analysis

Competitor Analysis - Redeem points.png

Design Requirements

Thinking through what stakeholders would need, we determined design requirements for the solution.

Design Requirements.png

User Flow

The user flow chart gives us an overview of the feature, including stores and consumers, and also helps us to check which pages need to modify as well as add new pages.

Stores user flow.jpg
Consumers user flow.jpg


We explored different solutions and executed a simple usability test. Then we discussed the most feasible solution for this new feature.


CMS Design: Key Features

Our final design covered more than five feature pages of the CMS to ensure that stores can successfully establish redemption products, receive orders, handle return and refund items.

The following are pages of the CMS →

1. Enabling Reward Point Mechanism


2. Create Product Page: Up to 5 redemption threshold levels could be set for building points redemption products.

螢幕快照 2020-11-25 下午6.59.48.png

3. Order Record Page: Provide clear order information about using reward points.


Storefront Design

Including iOS, Android, web and mobile web devices.

Point Redemption-Flow.png

1. Choice Redemption Product

2. Check Out

3. Check Order Detail


The follow-up

Usability Test & Iteraction

Evaluate the feature before release

We recruited around 50 colleagues from various departments in the company, including marketing, business, and operations.


Our goals for the testing were to:

1. Test the usability of the redemption products on the shopping web or app.
2. Test the usability of new interaction processes in the storefront and CMS.
3. Understand the behavior of stores and consumers.


Through usability testing, we found that some potential risks still need to be considered: "Most customers can NOT find how many points they have from the product page or shopping cart page."

This is an issue that needs to be resolved. We continue to design iterations to improve user experience, and our development team addresses these issues before the feature release.


1. The reward points redemption mechanism has received many positive reviews from customers. Since its release a month ago, at least 54 stores have used this feature, and sales have increased by 5%.

2. Usability testing doesn't end after development. Design is a constant iteration of improving the experience for the end-user. 

3. Involve development phase in advance.  Understanding the technical limitations could help us to reduce re-working.

Redeem points-sales.png

Sources: 91APP Co., Ltd.